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Officials of the Transition Company of Nigeria (TCN) has condemned the brutal attack on the Igboora facility which claimed lives of two security guards on the midnight of Sunday, June 2nd, 2024.

While contacted by Asako news, the Igboora site manager, Eng. Dapo Olaoye condemned the brutal act of the men of underworld which he described as “a dastardly act”

According to him:

“Well, it is a dastardly act. A gruesome murder. It has a history that dates back to March and April when theft of earthing wires. The case is still at Igboora police station. I won’t be able to talk much because investigation is ongoing.”

Reacting to allegations non provision of weapons for self defense of security guards which was alleged to have lead to the death of the slain guards, Eng. Olaoye debunked this, claiming that as far as the management of TCN is concerned, necessary security facility is adequately provided for the guards, especially tourchlights and cartridges to the guards with registered guns after evidence of utilization of previous ones is established.

“On weapons, at inception the security men were told that the company can not provide gun but if they have their registered guns cartridges would be given periodically as evidence of utilization of previous ones is established. And that aspect of the bargain were fulfilled. Torch lights were provided, at a point rechargeable at another time they ask for money to purchase the one they preferred.

Once, there was a case of theft, a security man should be prepared. They never asked for anything as two of them were standing in as suspect. The issue that lead to the death is better left for the investigator because it speaks less of robbery to me. The cable that was cut on the instant night was less than 12 metres and was later found dumped without the fence. Only the investigator will unravel that, so that anything said outside investigation would not be prejudicial”, Olaoye lamented.

On the issue of poor remuneration of the guards, Eng. Olaoye frowned on the controversial allegation by the guards, describing the current enumeration as a standard labour-employee practice which is equally peculiar to other facilities at Igangan and the other at Shonga in Kwara State.

“On the issue of remuneration, it is a standard labour-employee practice to demand better conditions of work. It is not exceptional in this matter. We have two other stations/sites as Igboora, one in Igangan and the other Shonga in Kwara state and security remuneration is the same across board. It is for the management to fix their labour fee and for the labourers to reject or resign. The 30k has been in place since early last year and no one complains about it. How on earth would staff that beg profusely not to be relieved when we had the issue of theft would come to say he is not doing is work well because he is poorly remunerated? It smacks of irresponsibility, please check around and advise on the wage of security around. The wage has never been static but dynamic either by the power of appeal to or discretion by the management. How can someone bring such an issue into a murder case? The same people should also tell you that among other things the collect 13th month salary which none other layer of worker has. They should also tell you that they are encouraged to farm within the yard which is safe because it is fenced. Do you ask them how nonchalant some of them were to work? When some will leave the site without any backup and people come in and out without any security on the ground.

To forestall future occurrences is to increase the security power by asking several layers of society to come to the aid of the company, that is the local government, the community, security apparatus etc.

“On lighter mood, kindly do a comprehensive work on the issue of stealing that occurred previously in the yard of a sister company that share the same compound ( towards Old Kara). This may help investigation in the current case.

Thank you for the opportunity”, Olaoye concluded.

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