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Federation of Ayete Students’ Union (FASU) long age proscription has yet again spured reactions from the masses with plea urging both concerned factions – Team Focus and Redemption Forum (RF) to align and surmount all menace.


Recall that the Students’ Union in Ayete community is under proscription over the disruption of peace which led to chaos in 2019 faulty electioneering process.


Some concerned members of the Union have yet again taken to the social media to express their displeasure over the seemingly unending crisis rocking the Students’ Union in the community.


Asako Reporters understands that the ongoing FASU internal ruckus which has resulted to outpours has gotten to the nerves of some concerned students.


However, one of the factions – Redemption Forum (RF) has called for total eradication of the menace by writing a resolution letter to the other faction – Team Focus with an intent to proffer a lasting solution to the crisis that stands as debacle to the reintegration of FASU.


RF made this known in a letter jointly signed by the Imperial, Surrogate Coordinator and Secretary of the Association, Ojebisi Sefiu Olanrewaju, Olaosun Saheed Kehinde and Kafayat Muritala Olaosumi respectively.


The copy of the letter titled “Invitation To A Resolution Meeting”, received by Asako Reporters reads: “With heartfelt and great concern, we hereby write this letter to you, the Leadership of Team Focus, to call for a resolution meeting on a motive to reintegrate our Student’s Union, Federation of Ayete Students’ Union (FASU).


“Obviously, the Students’ Union in our dear community has not been functioning since 2019, making 2years now, due to the fact that the Union is under proscription.


“It’s glaring and crystal clear that new students are, day by day, gaining admission into different higher institutions of learning without a body like FASU to unite them, let’s come to think of it, if we refuse to revive FASU, what are our plans for the younger and incoming generation?


“We doubt if generation-to-come will forgive us if we refuse to come together and tackle the ruckus that stands as hindrance to the reintegration of our dear Union.


“Of what importance is a coal that does not add to the intensity of the dying fire? What do we really want to achieve if our Union continues to be in proscriptive state it has been for the past 2 years? Can we please bury our pride for the development of our community?


“Redemption Forum can understand that inability to bring back Federation of Ayete Students’ Union (FASU) into activeness and crisis that characterized our last electioneering moments in 2019 remains a shameful development unexpected from the circle of learned youths.


“While we understand that several dialogues that have taken place with intent to restitute the Union proved abortive, we hope this coming meeting would record a huge success and help us to make a headway.


“However, we urge you to choose a convenient day in this week for the resolution meeting, so as to proffer lasting solution which will enhance reintegration of our Union.



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