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Ibarapa Central Local Government with headquarters at Igboora, Oyo State was carved out of the then Ifeloju Local Government on 4th December, 1996 by the then Head of State and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, Late General Sanni Abacha. At the release of the Federal Government Gazette of May 1997 the Local Government was re-named Ibarapa Central Local Government.The young and promising Local Government was bounded in the East by Ibarapa East Local Government, in the West and North by Ibarapa North Local Government and in the South by Ogun State.According to the NPC Year 2006 provisional census figure the population size of the Local Government is about 116,809 (One Hundred and Sixteen Thousand, Eight Hundred and Nine) with a land mass of 440km2.

Ibarapa Central Local Government comprises of two major towns that is Igboora and Idere with headquarters in Igboora.

Igboora is UNICEF accredited nation’s no. 1 “Home of Twins”. The Local Government is politically divided into ten wards, namely:
Ward 1 – Molete and Idere Villages.
Ward 2 – Onigbio and Oke-Oba in Idere.
Ward 3 – Apa and Koso in Idere.
Ward 4 –Iberekodo I and Villages.
Ward 5 –Iberekodo II and Villages.
Ward 6 –Idofin and Saganun Villages.
Ward 7 –Pako/Igbole and Villages.
Ward 8 – Isale-Oba and Villages.
Ward 9 – Oke-Iserin and Villages.
Ward 10 –Oke-Odo and Villages.

The people of the Local Government are Yorubas who speak the real Yoruba dialect. But other ethnic groups could be found trading in one trade or the other. They are Hausas, Fulanis, Igbos, Togolese, Ghanaians, Sabes, Agatus, Makudis etc. doing fine in small business and majorly Agriculture.

The Local Government has multi-religious setting, with Muslims and Christians in the majority. A sizeable proportion of traditional religion does exist amicably alongside others without losing the cultural supremacy of the land.

The largest population of the Local Government concentrated on agriculture due to abundant fertile farmlands. Yam tubers, cassava, mangoes, cashew, palm kernel, corn millet, melon, Tomatoes, Okro, Cocoa are some of the major crops available in large quantities for local consumption and even for export because Ibarapa division is given the appellation of food basket of Oyo State, which makes it unique among the Local Governments of the Federation; Do we still maintain this status?

The people of Ibarapa Central Local Government are also noted for historical traditional works such as art and craft, traditional cloth dyeing, cloth weaving, blacksmithing, hunting, soap making etc. The Council is blessed with major markets among whom are Towobowo, Oba Market, Pako market, Oja Igboora, Ajegunle Market, Onilado, Ayeda, Ita-Agbe. Towobowo and Oba market which are one of the best among others in Ibarapa Division as a trade centre for other State like Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Edo etc.


Since the beginning of colonial administration, Igboora, the headquarters of Ibarapa Central had always been the administrative headquarters of Ibarapa division. Based on its size and population, it has always had the largest number of electoral wards.

The present Igboora has undergone series of transformation; before the first republic and up to 1956, Ibarapa as a whole had thirty six wards (36 wards) out of which Igboora alone had fourteen (14).

In 1976, when the then Ibarapa Local Govt. was divided into 11 electoral wards on the basis of 15,000 people to a ward, below is the distribution of the wards:
Igboora 3 (wards 5, 6, 7 and part of 8).
Eruwa 2 (ward 1, 2 and part of 4 ).
Lanlate 1 (ward 3 and part of 4).
Ayete 1 (ward10).
Tapa 1 (ward 9).
Igangan 1 (ward 11).
Idere (part of ward8).

From the above, the leadership position of Igboora with 3wards out of 11 wards is very clear, adding the ward of Idere.

In the defunct Ifeloju local government that has a total of 10 electoral wards; Igboora alone has 5 wards , Idere 1ward, while all other 4 wards distributed as follows:
Ayete (1) ward 8.
Tapa (1) ward 7.
Igangan (1) ward 9
Villages belonging to Ayete, Tapa and Ofiki (Igangan) (1) ward 10.

The above distribution was done strictly on the basis of the population of each town. In effect, Igboora was not only the headquarters of Ifeloju local government, it also covers 50% of the entire defunct local government.Ibarapa Central Local Government has over the years lucky having visionary and influential administrative/ political leaders at the elms of affairs sustaining the leadership uniqueness amongst the three local governments in Ibarapa and Oyo State. Their track records are still physically fetch till date. Reviewing their records, one finds out the qualities of previous local government chairmen in Ibarapa Central to be people of high repute who are prepared to rule for development, and not for the fun of it.

Names of Chairmen/Sole Administrator from inception till date:

1. Late Chief Olasunsi Silas Okunlola – 2nd April, 1981 – 30th September 1983

The late Mogaji of Idere was the pioneer Caretaker Chairman for the defunct Ibarapa Central Local Government comprising of Igboora and Idere; with headquarters at Igboora. Major construction of the Local Government’s administrative block in Saganun area were recorded during his short stay. Wells constructed in Villages to boost agriculture, culverts, rural electrification projects, free education to mention few, were part of Baba’s visible achievements. Till Chief Lasunsi’s last breath in 2022, he was a major party to reckon with in the Nigeria political system. May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

2. Late Chief Joseph M. Olanipekun1987-1989.

The retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, Baba Ijo of Methodist Church, Oke Agogo and Olukosi of Iberekodo remained a Hero to reckon with in Ibarapa political history. After his retirement, his love for Ibarapa community endeared him to his people as he made immense contributions to the Social, Political and Economic life of his people. In recognition of this, he was virtually dragged into political scene. Dragged because when there was an inter-communal misunderstanding, and he was still in the Police force and he had to intervene, he told the then Eleruwa of Eruwa, Oba Bolanle Olaniyan, that he intervene not because he needed any political votes now or in the future, but strictly as an illustrious Ibarapa Son. Coincidentally, the Eleruwa was still on the throne when he was dragged into politics and of course, Kabiesi reminded him of his statement. This was however in a lighter mood because the kabiesi was one of the eminent person who facilitated his incursion into partisan politics.

Consequently, his towering political career culminated into his election as the executive Chairman of Ibarapa Local Government council in 1988. This was the Local Government administration which covered the seven towns of Ibarapa (Ibarapa Mejeeje).

Late Chief J.M.Olanipekun was instrumental to the creation of Ifeloju (now Ibarapa Central) Local Government in 1989 and became the first Executive Chairman of the Local Government under the umbrella of the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC).

Ibarapa Central Local Government took a unique dimension as the late Policeman turned politician used his wealth of experience towards the development of the council. Up till date, we see various public assets commissioned through him across the defunct Ifeloju Local Government.

Tenure of late Chief J.M Olanipekun witnessed tremendous infrastructural projects across the major towns in Ibarapa Central which includes the old Secretariat, Saganun, Community Health Center across towns, Blocks of classrooms in public schools across Ibarapa, donation of Vehicle to Igboora General Hospital, Construction of Wells in Villages, Road construction across the major towns, rural electrification and several monumental structures being referenced till date.

Until his death, Chief Olanipekun was very relevant in human capital and political development of the entire Ibarapa region. May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

3. Ayinla J.D – 1989-1991.

Oke Ogun born sole administrator of the defunct Ifeloju Local Government, Chief J.D Ayinla was an erudite administrator of repute. His impacts on socio-economic development of the local government remained evergreen in the history of Ibarapa Central Local Government. His records of community development projects under his watch speaks for the erudite public administrator till date.

4. Alhaji Moshood Olayide Abass – 1991-1993

Alhaji Moshood Olayide Abass, a Pharmacist, Masters Degree holder in Pharmacology and till date, a consistent Awoist, was the executive chairman of the defunct Ifeloju Local Government under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP) between 1991 and 1993.

His regime recorded one of the best and relevant infrastructure across Ibarapa Central and Ibarapa North Local Governments. Some of it included construction of Classrooms across towns, Construction of Public Garages across towns, Local Government Library complex (now Customary Court of Appeal), Construction of Ifeloju Local Government secretariat (now Ibarapa Central Local Government), Construction of Fire Service station, Shopping Complex in major markets and Garages, free health and education services, farmers and youth empowerment, structures currently used for High Court, Divisional Police Headquarters and NDLEA offices in Igboora to mention very few.

Alhaji M.O Abass was a National award winning Local Government Chairman during the course of his administration. His track records still make him relevant within Nigeria political system till date.

Reflection of his excellent administration reflects so much on his service teams like Late Alhaji (Dr) Nurudeen Olarinde, Bar. Dr. Muraina Ajibola, Hon. Yemi Akinlabi, Hon. Habeeb Adegoke etc.

5. Alhaji Muason Bello – 1993-1994.

The Okeho born Local Government sole administrator did his best towards improvement of socio economic development of Ifeloju Local Government. Example of physical projects commissioned under him was Ogboja Market, Pako, blocks of classrooms in schools and various empowerment programs for farmers.

6. Dr. Agboola Adebayo – 1994-1996.

Dr. Agboola Adebayo, a highly referred University Don was the chairman, caretaker committee of Ifeloju Local Government between 1994 – 1996. His wealth of experience as an academic researcher at the prestigious University of Lagos reflected so much on his service delivery. His tenure witnessed lots of human capital and infrastructural development across the major towns in Ifeloju Local Government ranging from construction of Imeleke road, Secretariat mosque, motorized borehole across the major towns e.t.c.

7. Chief Theophilus Adenrele – 1996-1997.

Chief Theophilus Adenrele, a University graduate, Teacher and Author was the Executive Chairman, Ifeloju Local Government under the Zero party system between 1996 – 1997. He was the last Executive Chairman of Ifeloju Local Government before the creation of the current Ibarapa Central Local Government that comprised Igboora and Idere. His short stay at the helms of affairs of Ifeloju also witnessed positive human and infrastructural development that are still relevant till date; no wonder, he was nicknamed “IFATALA” during his reign as the Local Government boss.

8.Hon. Samson Adeagbo – 1997-1998.

Late Hon. Samson Adeagbo became the Executive Chairman Ibarapa Central Local Government under the umbrella of UNCP between 1997 – 1998. The regime of the financial Guru at CHURH GATE INT’L equally transformed and develop Ibarapa Central Local Government positively.

9.Revd O. Femi Oladele (Late) – 1998-1999.

Late Revd. Femi Oladele was an erudite Education administrator appointed as a Sole Administrator of Ibarapa Local Government. Records of his short stay witnessed sporadic change in Local Government administration and Agricultural development.

10. Alhaji Adekunle S. Amusat (Late) – 1999-2002.

Late Alhaji Suliman Amusat, a university graduate of Chemistry and Chemistry Teacher became the Chairman under the PDP between 1999 – 2002. Despite his emergence from opposition party in the state then (Gov. Lam Adesina was the Governor under APC), several of his achievements are still relevance till date; ranging from Construction of Magistrate Court, 3 Customary Courts at Iberekodo, Oja Oba and Idere, Lock up Shops at Garages, Blocks of Classrooms in public secondary and primary schools, Road construction and Asphalt road tarring across towns, free health and education services etc.

His track records claimed him appointment as a member of the Oyo State Judicial Service Commission and he remained relevant in political system till his death, may his soul continue to rest in peace.

11. Hon. Dr. Muraina S. Ajibola – 2002-2003.

Hon. Dr. Muraina Ajibola, a legal luminary, former law maker and accomplished politician was the Caretaker Chairman, Ibarapa Central Local Government between 2002 – 2003. His short stay at the Ibarapa Central Local Government’s elms witnessed a scrutinized and efficient public administration; local government staffs’ hands were always on deck, idleness syndrome was frustrated (he was nicknamed: “LAGATA”).

His regime equally witnessed infrastructural and human capital development, the success has won him 3 term successful election as member representing Ibarapa Central and North federal constituency.

12. Otunba Ademola Obafemi Ojo –(2003-2004), (2004-2007),( 2007-2010),( 2010-2011)

Otunba Ademola Obafemi Ojo, a retired area commander of FRSC was a 2termed caretaker chairman and 2termed executive chairman of Ibarapa central local government; his track records as the local government Boss remained unbeatable from several records of researches and testimonies.

His adminstrative acumen, giant stride, influence and charisma won him the very rare opportunity of becoming the first ALGON Chairman and Director General for an incumbent Governor campaign.

Some of his relevant projects includes:

Works and Transport:
Construction of Akangan Stream mini-bridge, Construction of Afekiti mini-bridge, Construction of 5km length of block wall along Saganun GRA road, Sinking of over 50 boreholes and over 70 deep wells at various locations, Construction of Dental and X-ray building at Old Secretariat, Saganun. Privision and Installation of Transformers at various location. Construction of VIP Toilets, Supply of chairs and desks to public schools, Construction of 23 lock up shops at Ajegunle market. Construction of 15 lock up shops at Oja Oba, Idere. Construction of 10 water stands at 7,500 litres capacity, Complete renovation, minor construction and furniture of Local Government Secretariat. Purchase of new grader machine, Asphaltic tarring of all major roads across board etc.

Education and Social Services:
Payment of year 2003,2004,2005 and 2007 bursary award to indegine students of Ibarapa Central, Free distribution of texbooks, teaching aides and equipments to all primary schools, Donation of computers to Polytechnic of Ibadan, Eruwa, Purchase of Motorcycle to Teachers supervisor, Regular holiday campaign of Youths and Students etc.

Health and Medical Services:
Regular evacuation of refuse at various points, Periodic chlorinisation of 200 wells, Release of funds for periodic fumigation, Imunisation, De-worming, Guinea worm control etc, Purchase of Toyota Mobile Ambulance Clinic, Purchase of brand new Ultra Sound scanning Machine, Monthly release of N200,000 for treatment of vulnerables, Sponsor of Eye treatment and procurement of Eye Glasses for over 500 patients, Sponsor of Anea operation for over 700 patients etc.

Agriculture and Natural Resources:

Purchase of 2 brand new tractors and implements including Tractor spare parts, Purchase sales of fertilizers to farmers at subsidized rates on yearly basis, Distribution of Agric loan to farmers, Purchase and procurement of about 100,000 maize grains, Provision of warehouse for storage etc.

Poverty Alleviation:
Over N2m loan to women and financial supports to widows, Purchase of 20 grinding machines, Purchase of 136 motorcycles, Purchase of 14 double decker fridges, Purchase of 50 GSM for youth.

General Administration:

Purchase of 13 official vehicles, Purchase of 5 official vehicle to traditional rulers.

Records still acknowledged Otunba Ademola Ojo as an influence to the establishment of Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, Police College, and member of the team that collected N50M for the renovation of Ibarapa Health Programme, Igboora.

Hope beckons Ibarapa as Otunba Ademola Obafemi Ojo assume office as Hon. Commissioner for Trade, Comerce and Cooperative, we have the assurance of his positive impact towards a restored Ibarapa.

13. Hon. Segun Oke – 2007-2007.

The regime of Hon. Segun Oke was the shortest in the history of Ibarapa Central Local Government administration, but highly impactful. How he managed to accomplish Asphalt tarring of Isale Oba road, which still maintains the quality till date stands him out.

14. Hon. E.A Egbeleke (JP) – 2007-2007.

Few moments of Late Hon. E. tiA Egbeleke as the Caretaker Chairman Ibarapa Central Local Government witnessed a eventful and peaceful transition of power from the then ruling PDP of late Governor Adebayo Alao Akala to Late Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

15. Hon Akinlabi Akinyemi – 2011-2012 & 2014-2015.

Emergence of Hon. Yemi Akinlabi as the Caretaker Committee Chairman of Ibarapa Central Local Government was never accidental, but one of the best dreams of the council residents coming true. His wealth of experience having travel far and near greatly speaks volume on his impacted performance; No wonder, he won the National award as a best performing local government chairman in Nigeria.

Some of the Miami based politician includes:

General administration and Traditional matters.

Elevation of Onisaganun from part three Chief to part two, Elevation of Bansa from part three chief to part two chief, Prompt payment of staff salaries, Provision of laptops and ipad for local government use, Creation of local government website, Provision of adequate welfare package for employees’, Relative stable electricity due to improve relationship with NEPA,Security with the establishment and maintenance of Operation burst.Tight security provided with adequate funding and fortification of local government vigilante.

Periodic meeting with head teachers in the local government, Provision of subvention to schools, Purchase of 150 NABTEB forms for indigent students, Supply of 8 exercise book to all primary and secondary school students, Establishment of WAEC preparatory classes, Building of a block of classrooms at Sekere, Building of a block of classrooms at Roman Catholic School, Pako, Building of a block of classrooms at Cherubim and Seraphim Primary School, Idere.

Tarring of road from LA School Idofin to Chalet, Tarring and construction of bridge on the road leading to Femadex hotel, Idere, Tarring of the road from Olugbile Junction to Methodist primary school, Saga nun/ Idofin, Extensive grading of village feeder roads across the local government, Construction of Modern toilet with a borehole at Ayeda market, Idere, Construction of Modern toilet with a borehole at Towobowo market, Igboora, Construction of Modern toilet with a borehole at Onilado market, Igboora, Installation of 6 transformers Igbole, Pako, Onilado, Idofin, Isaleoba, Idere and Pembo, Purchase of bulldozer, Purchase of lowbed, Purchase of grader, Tarring the road from Isale Pembo to Igboora High School.

Repair and renovation of over 100 boreholes, Drilling of 6 boreholes in various locations, Renovation and rehabilitation of the government chalet.

Completion , equipping and commissioning of long abandoned widow’s hospital at Onimongoro, Purchase of two units of x-ray machines, Periodic vaccination of children, Conduct of surgery to remove cataract from eyes of 100 people, Conduct of hernia surgery on 100 people, Free medical mission to treat 1,000 people in the local government
AGRICULTUREEstablishment of local government poultry farm at Idere, Acquisition of 10,000 hectares of land for establishment of local government farm, Purchase of 15 tractors for the local government etc.


Donation of 60 grinding machines, Donation of 70 Bajaj motorcycles to people in the town, Donation of 25,000 cash to 50 aged widows in the local government, Sponsorship of three people to Jerusalem, Sponsorship of three people to Mecca.

16. Hon. Olawoore Gbemileke Bola – 2012-2014..

His wealth of experience as a former Local Government Lawmaker and the Secretary to Hon. Yemi Akinlabi led Caretaker Committee at the helms of affairs of the Local Government gained him more privilege of one of the successful Local Government Boss in the anal of Ibarapa Central Local Government. Gbemileke Olawoore equally acquired political mentoring under the tutelage of the late Mogaji of Idere, a core Awoist, Chief Silas Olasunsi.

His track records remained point of reference, most especially in Idere, where he hailed from.Part of his immense during his short stay includes:
i. Asphalt patching of Isale Pembo – Igboora High School road.
ii. Asphalt patching of Onijumo – Ogbinte/Sawmill road, Idere.
iii. Construction of 8.0 * 1.5 * 2.0 Box culvert with 40m reinforced concrete retaining wall and stream dredging of Odo-eran stream along Iyalode Owotutu Oluwakemi mosque road, Igboora.
iv. Construction of block of 3 classroom with Headmaster office, Toilet and Store at Methodist Pry. School, Idere (Direct labour).
v. Construction of Health Centre, Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, Donation of Tractor to Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, Igboora.vii. Grading of township roads etc

17. Rufai Oladejo :2016-2016

Hon. Rufai Oladejo, A Chartered Accountant used his wealth of experience to anchor the leadership of Ibarapa Central Local Government.

His dispensation laid a solid foundation to several developmental foundation in the current local government architecture, especially in Security and Local Government administration.

18. Hon. Habib Adegoke Ibrahim – March 2017 till 29th May, 2019* .*

Hon. Habib Adegoke Ibrahim, an accomplished educationist and administrator. This alone speaks volume on his numerous achievements as Caretaker Chairman and Executive Chairman, Ibarapa Central Local Government.Some of his achievements include:
1. Asphaltic tarring of Alhaji Abas junction – Ita Panta – Towobowo – Isale – Pembo – Oja Pako roads.
2. Asphaltic tarring of Oja – Oba via Comprehensive junction road.
3.Asphaltic tarring of Redeemed Junction to the new site, Idere.
4. Asphaltic tarring of Late Oba Akinyemi Onipako junction to Great – Mother Junction, Pako, Igboora.
5 Asphaltic tarring of LA junction – Igbo – Ifa, down to Alatise Junction, Idofin, Igboora.
6 Timely grading of all untarred roads in the local government.
7. Provision of motorized boreholes at different locations in the LG.
8. Donation of books on various subjects to all public secondary schools in the LG.
9. Provision of First Aid Boxes with drugs to all public primary schools in the LG.
10.Provision of Medical Equipments and Beddings to all Health Centres in the LG.
11. Free on-the-spot test and drugs for hypertensive and diabetic patients in the LG.
12 Initiation of Twins’ Festival.
13 Introduction of YESSO in the LG.
14 Empowerment Programes:
40 motorcycles- 40 grinding machines- 500 big coolers for small scale business owners- Twenty thousand naira as a start – up capital for 500 people.
15. Payment of 7 Months salaries and arrears owed as a result of recession.
16. Ibarapa Central LG engaged in Cassava Farming (100 hectares of cassava).

Excellence performance of Hon. Abeeb Adegoke fetch him the award of best performing local government chairman on prompt payment of monthly pensions and remittance of dues by the Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP), Oyo State.

19. Hon. Sharafa Olaoniye. 2019 – 2021.*

Hon. Sharafa Olaoniye , till date is one of the successful Caretaker Chairman in Ibarapa Central Local Government. His track record was not by accident, as he was the Vice Chairman to Otunba Ademola Ojo in his second term tenure as Executive Chairman of the Local Government.

Regime of Sharafa witnessed continuation and accomplishment of Hon. Habib Adegoke most especially on road constructions. As at the time of filling this report, despite several consultations with Hon. Sharafa, who stylish declined efforts to get official records of his achievements,the public pulse placed him among the best local government Caretaker Committee Chairman in Ibarapa Central Local Government. Hon. Sharafa Olaoniye was proactive in his approach during the Covid – 19 period and was able to curtail the Fulani – Yoruba crisis that could have claimed lives at Kara Market. One can physically see and feel some Borehole Construction and repairs under his short administration. Grading and patching of major roads were also recorded.

Till date, Hon. Sharafa Olaoniye remained relevant in the State political system.

20. Hon. Adedoyin Adeoye – 2021 -to date.

Hon. Adedoyin Adeoye is the current Executive Chairman, Ibarapa Central Local Government, Igboora.

Till the time of filling this report, efforts to get official records of achievement of the incumbent local government boss nor any of his cabinet members proved abortive. At a time, reports deduced from a particular flier which went viral recently on the aborted re-election bid of Hon. Adedoyin Adeoye’s as a second term Chairman Ibarapa Central Local Government, was alleged and criticize to have duplicated the achievements recorded by the younger and vibrant Ibarapa North Local Government Chairman, Hon. Lateef Akorede. This alone is a very bad omen to entire patriotic indigenes of Ibarapa Central Local Government; the pace setter council never had it so bad in the history of the council; we have always set the pace for others to follow. On this very bad error and embarrassment, Ibarapa Central deserve an open apology from Hon. Doyin Adeoye….


Ibarapa Central Local Government has always been at the front-line in terms of quality representation, achievements and human capital development. Checking through the caliber of individuals who have emerged as our Council Boss since inception of Ibarapa Central Local Government, facts remained they are people of proven integrity with ethical and professional standards, this is a prove to my earlier assertion.

We are so much respected globally, not withstanding our uniqueness of Twin rate.

This is a community with several political gladiators, Professors, Captains of Industry, Educationists, Professionals and respected individuals, it’s high time she is rescued from the current poor representation, the last mistake of over two years has taken us backward 50years, this must stop! Individuals and Youth must rise against its future re-occurrence by checking back home to checkmate the activities of who govern us at the grass root.

With the current political calculation, it seems getting back on track with the emergence of my friend and brother, Sola Adeleke as the concensus flagbearer of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), considering his education background, exposure, intellect, experience and political antecedence……we now hope for a restored legacy at Ibarapa Central Local Government….

Our political leaders must equally stop the re-occurence of the sensitive game bitting so much on us, this is seriously telling on our future and posterity might judge us wrong if not corrected now…..,Hon. Adedoyin Adeoye has about 9 months as the chairman of Ibarapa Central Local Government, our mismanaged resources must be controlled….

As I congratulate Hon. Dr Anthony Adebayo Adepoju, member representing Ibarapa Central /North federal constituency and Otunba Obafemi Ademola Ojo, Hon. Commissioner for Comerce, Trade, Investment and Cooperatives on their emergence and appointment respectively; my candid appeal is they shun completely iota of political rivalry in the interest of Ibarapa, our past experience is still hurting our progress and development; they should prioritize our development against self interest, we count so much on their collective leadership as we pray for their success. May God help them🙏.

May Ibarapa Central Local Government be great!



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